EU and Japan ramp up North Korea sanctions

EU and Japan ramp up North Korea sanctions

The EU Council decided on 6 April to adopt additional restrictive measures on North Korea (‘DPRK’), in response to its actions. DPRK has recently carried out a number of ballistic weapons tests which violate multiple UN resolutions and which the EU considers to ‘constitute a grave threat to international peace and security in the region and beyond’.

Existing sanctions to tackle nuclear proliferation will be expanded – prohibition on investment in the DPRK will cover new sectors, including the conventional arms-related industry, metallurgy and metal working, and aerospace. The new measures also prohibit the provision of computer services and services linked to mining and manufacturing in the chemical, mining and refining industry to people and entities in DPRK.

Meanwhile, the EU Council has added four people to its sanctions list as being responsible for supporting or promoting DPRK’s programmes concerning nuclear or ballistic weapons, or other weapons of mass destruction. This means that a total of 41 people are currently listed, as well as seven entities.


Japan extension

With similar ambition, Japan has announced that it is to extend its unilateral sanctions on DPRK for two more years. The measures include a ban on all trade between Japan and DPRK, and a ban on North Korean ships docking at Japanese ports.



EU Regulation 2017/658Decision 2017/666  and Decision 2017/667


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