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Johnny Xie is an expert on international trade and Customs affairs. With eleven years of hands-on experience at China Customs, Johnny has real insight into important Customs procedures and formalities and exceptional experience in China export controls.

His work on anti-dumping, Customs valuation, risk management and trade controls benefited China’s WTO negotiations and the research efforts of several official think tanks.

As an accredited World Customs Organization (WCO) trainer, Johnny has trained hundreds of foreign Customs officials in person. His training programmes cover the full spectrum of Customs topics, and have facilitated the Customs modernisation processes in many developing countries. When he was leading the Regional Training Center of WCO in China, he managed and participated in numerous capacity-building programmes for different Customs administrations in collaboration with authoritative organizations like WTO, WCO, UNEP, and World Bank etc. For example, as an administrator of World Customs Organization’s E-learning platform, he managed the first roll-out project in Asia Pacific Area, the accomplishment of which made the premium learning materials available to thousands of local learners.

In addition to his public sector work, Johnny has rich experience in rendering training and consulting services to private sector clients; for instance, he helps multinationals meet their market entry and trade compliance targets in China, particularly in the fields of classification, valuation, rules of origin, external auditing, compliance review, AEO certification, trade control, and IT-based compliance solutions etc. His experience and expertise enables economic operators to manage their import and export with high efficiency and solid compliance performance.

Johnny has a Master Degree of Public Administration and a Bachelor Degree of Business Administration, both from Shanghai Jiaotong University.

He is a regular writer and speaker on trade controls, having been published in WorldECR on a number of occasions and also having been invited to speak at the WorldECR Forum in both London and DC, among various speaking engagements internationally.

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