MTCR is 30 years old

MTCR is 30 years old

On the occasion of the 30th birthday of the Missile Technology Control Regime (‘MTCR’), representatives of signatory nations made a ‘joint statement agreed by consensus during the reinforced points of contact to celebrate [the anniversary].’

It noted that in the three decades of its existence, MTCR had ‘extended its membership from 7 to 35 states and has proven to be an effective multilateral nonproliferation mechanism. The export controls of related items, information sharing, and patterns of cooperation that have been cultivated over the past 30 years have significantly reduced the availability to proliferators of the equipment, technology, and knowledge needed to develop, produce, and acquire WMD missile delivery systems, without hindering legitimate trade.’

In the years ahead, the statement read, ‘the Regime will continue to engage non-members to promote international efforts to limit the spread of missile systems capable of delivering weapons of mass destruction, as well as the technology and equipment needed to do so. Regime members will also continue their national outreach to industry and academia in order to promote awareness and transparency of MTCR export controls.’

Russia’s foreign ministry issued its own statement to mark the occasion:

‘We reiterate our stance to have the MTCR an operational tool to prevent the spread of WMD (weapons of mass destruction) delivery means, however, its regulations should not be an obstruction to legal trade in products at the issue. We are confident that affiliation of new states possessing sizable rocket-and-space potentials as well as the use of standards developed within the MTCR framework by a wide range of other states would to a great extent enhance its efficiency,’ reported the TASS news agency.

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