us-sanctions 13 February 2020

OFAC sanctions Venezuela airline for ‘shuttling corrupt regime members’

The US Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (‘OFAC’) announced on 7 February that it had ‘identified the Venezuelan state-owned airline Consorcio Venezolano de Industrias Aeronauticas y Servicios Aereos, S.A. (CONVIASA) as subject to sanctions as part of the Government of Venezuela, pursuant to Executive Order (E.O.) 13884.’

OFAC said: ‘Today’s action also identifies the CONVIASA fleet of aircraft as blocked property of the Government of Venezuela pursuant to E.O. 13884.’

It said that CONVIASA and its fleet ‘have been blocked since the issuance of E.O. 13884 of August 5, 2019, and today they have been added to the OFAC’s Specially Designated Nationals List to ensure strengthened compliance with U.S. sanctions.’

Treasury Secretary Steven T. Mnuchin said: ‘The illegitimate Maduro regime relies on the Venezuelan state-owned airline CONVIASA to shuttle corrupt regime officials around the world to fuel support for its anti-democratic efforts. The Trump Administration will not allow Maduro and his proxies to continue stealing from the Venezuelan people and abusing state-owned assets to advance their own corrupt and destabilizing activities.’

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