Lourdes Catrain and Aline Doussin: All change in European export controls?

12 January 2021

The so-called ‘recast’ of the European Union’s dual-use export control regulation has been much anticipated and long delayed. But now the trilogue process of consultation between the EU’s institutions (Parliament, Commission and Council) is in full swing. The new framework promises much: obliging exporters to factor human rights concerns into their due diligence, accommodating new technologies – and possibly diverging from the Wassenaar Arrangement in key respects. (And how will a post-EU United Kingdom respond to a new regime?) 

This presentation by Lourdes Catrain and Aline Doussin, partners at law firm Hogan Lovells, describes progress to date, possible outcomes – and the most significant pluses and minuses that are likely to arise for exporters.