Donald Pearce: Busy, Busy, BIS: how BIS conducts investigations

19 January 2021

The US Bureau of Industry and Security (‘BIS’) has been extremely busy in recent months, passing a slew of regulations (including the Foreign Direct Product Rule and new end-user check requirements, as well as expanding the EAR Entity List). These changes have profound repercussions for the trading relations of US AND non-US companies with China, Russia, Hong Kong, Venezuela – and entities across the globe. But how does BIS conduct its investigative activities? And what exactly is it looking for?

That’s what Donald Pearce of Sentinel LLC will be addressing – and he’s well-placed to. In February 2020, Donald retired after serving 22 years with the BIS, not only in Washington but as an export control attache, and special agent in Singapore and Moscow. Latterly, Don’s role was to supervise Senior Special Agents assigned to liaison activities and joint task forces, overseeing and guiding criminal and administrative investigations. A compelling presentation for anyone whose activities fall within the BIS remit.