Johnny Xie and Jim Huish: Getting to grips with China’s new Export Control Law

21 January 2021

China’s new Export Control Law (ECL) has elicited interest and concern since proposals first emerged in 2017. The authorities say the law streamlines, and brings up to date, its legislation, consolidating regulations and making compliance easier for Chinese and non-Chinese companies alike. Others have suggested that new provisions – including for a deemed export law, and controls on re-exports, have been deliberately introduced as a counterpart to increasing US pressure on China exert through export controls.

So what can we expect the new law look like in practice? And how will it likely be applied? In this session Johnny Xie and Jim Huish, Managing Directors at FTI Consulting, take a walk around the ECL, and bring to bear their understanding and insights into how it will – or won’t – affect Chinese and non-Chinese companies’ global export and supply chain strategies. This is a must-attend session for anyone whose business incorporates China exports.