Enrico Carisch: The United Nations and sanctions – the end of the road or new departures?

20 January 2021

Recent years have revealed the stresses that big power politics places on the United Nations Security Council’s ability to agree and adopt meaningful sanctions resolutions, with some casting doubt about the Council’s ability to continue its role as an effective guardian of peace and security.

In this presentation, Enrico Carisch reviews efforts by elected nations who are joining in initiatives to reshape the implementation mechanisms to ensure more effective application of UN sanctions, not only against traditional targets but also against those responsible for human rights abuses, gender violence and violations of the rights of children in conflict. A further objective is that nobody is designated for sanctions without due process. After 53 years of UN sanctions practices, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Germany, the Netherlands and Sweden have facilitated two years’ worth of consultations with hundreds of sanctions stakeholders, resulting in the drafting and publication of the first-ever Best Practice Guide for UN Sanctions Implementation Actors.

Enrico Carisch served the UN Security Council as a financial and natural resources sanctions investigator prior to co-establishing Compliance & Capacity Skills International (‘CCSI’), a nonprofit partnership of UN sanctions practitioners based in New York, USA. Currently, he is implementing sanctions and strategic trade control training programmes for government and private sector implementation and compliance professionals.