Tina Carlile: Owning the risk and staying resilient

19 January 2021

Key to contemporary compliance – whether sanctions, export control, or cybersecurity – is the application of resilience tactics. This means thinking ahead and anticipating risk.

The Covid-19 pandemic has starkly illustrated how unplanned-for events can forever alter our understanding of normality. But long-term thinking requires accepting that such possibilities are inevitable. Real-world resilience means translating best intentions into concrete action, ensuring that risk ownership and responsibility for coordinating responses are clearly allocated.

Drawing on her experiences both in the private sector and with the US government (Department of State and Department of Homeland Security), Tina Carlile, Senior Counsel, Regulatory Compliance at BP, describes her approach to risk ownership allocation and pre-empting change across a spectrum of national security-related compliance concerns including export controls and sanctions, cybersecurity and general disaster-preparedness. This is a must-attend session for an uncertain world.