Sandra Strong

Strong & Herd LLP
Phone +44 (0) 161 499 7000
Address MIOC Styal Road, Manchester, M22 5WB, England

As a partner at Strong & Herd LLP, Sandra specialises in practical compliance issues relating to international trading including, in particular, customs, UK, EU and U.S. export controls.

Sandra is a highly-sought-after speaker on international trade matters and her straightforward and common sense approach to often difficult legal topics is appreciated by both business, legal and government professionals.

With a deep commercial understanding of international trade, she provides advice to transport sector clients, trading companies, and professional and industry bodies. With other 30 years’ experience working with all industry sectors but particularly aerospace, defence, chemical and high-tech industries, she works alongside international legal practices to provide a practical view. In her practice, she specialises on the development of customs & trade compliance programmes including company-specific global capacity team building sessions for MNEs linking different export controls and customs regulations together to ensure companies have a better understanding of international issues.