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Export is a privilege not a right, and so compliance is critical for any business with a global supply chain.

But the laws and regulations in this area are complex and rapidly changing, and staying abreast of the issues can be challenging. It’s no surprise that the demand for expert legal compliance advice and support is on the rise.
We’re a growing international community of thought leaders, practitioners, experts and policy makers, bringing together news, analysis and opinion on global export control and sanctions to any professional working in the field.
Across the issues, across the globe, we are the resource you can’t afford to be without.

Tom and Mark launched WorldECR in 2011.

Tom Blass

Tom Blass is Director of Editorial of WorldECR. Tom has worked as a journalist and editor for more than 20 years. His experience includes writing for a broad span of organisations and publications including The American Lawyer, the International Bar Association, the Bureau of National Affairs, The Banker Magazine, The New Statesman, and the BBC. Tom is also the author of The Naked Shore: Of the North Sea, an account of travels around the edges of its title subject, published by Bloomsbury in January 2016.

Mark Cusick

Mark Cusick is the publisher of WorldECR. Mark has worked in legal and business publishing for more than 25 years, including as Managing Editor of Legal Business magazine, CEO of Legalease (publisher of the Legal 500 Series), Managing Editor of Asia Law & Practice (out of Hong Kong). He has also worked as a business development and marketing consultant to independent European law firms.

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Nicolas Fribolle, Vice President, Head of Export Controls – Airbus Commercial Aircraft, Systems & Airbus Helicopters

“I have known WorldECR for many years and am a faithful reader.”

Andy Crisp, VP Global Trade Compliance, CGG

“The WorldECR Journal and Forum provide a very useful go-to resource delivering real-time insights into our ever-changing geopolitical world and the related trade sanctions and export control implications.”

Magnus Nordeus, Group Head of Trade Compliance, Ericsson

“My company has subscribed to WorldECR since the start. We quickly realised the great value of the journal and made it available to our trade compliance professionals. WorldECR always picks up on the latest trends and brings additional insights and analysis of great benefit for our compliance team. It is unique in that it not only summarises news, scratching the surface, but actually goes into depth to analyze export controls and sanctions and even proactively anticipate and report on developments.”

Warren Bayliss, Global Head of Export Control – Defence, Rolls-Royce plc, United Kingdom

“I always enjoy reading the WorldECR journal. As a very busy Trade Compliance and Export Control professional, I simply do not have time to wade through long articles to find what I am looking for. WorldECR contains short, but highly topical articles that always gives you the key facts along with further reading at your own discretion. I always find the range of compliance-related topics to be spot on for the complex world we trade in today, particularly in relation to Defence and security.”

Waynette Day, Regional Trade and Customs Compliance Manager – U.S. Southern Border, Expeditors International

“World ECR is a well-written, timely publication. The articles are in-depth and speak to current global concerns related to trade and export controls. The varied articles and regional coverage has been a great benefit to our global organization.”

Tracy Gronewold, Director of Operations MLM International LLC

“As a compliance officer and operations director, I find myself repeatedly turning to WorldECR for information about bleeding-edge compliance issues and concerns. I have found the WorldECR Forum to consistently host the most diverse meeting of minds of any compliance conference available to professionals today, and the WorldECR journal provides an accessible look at current events with an eye to how they impact both industry and regulation. In an ever-changing compliance environment, WorldECR provides me with much-needed tools to adapt and strategize.”

Nicolas Fribolle, Vice President, Head of Export Controls Airbus Commercial Aircraft, Systems & Airbus Helicopters

“The perfect professionalism of the team, its friendliness and pragmatic organizational skills lead to one of the best export compliance forums.”

Warren Bayliss, Global Head of Export Control – Defence Rolls-Royce plc, United Kingdom

“I have been a guest speaker at the WorldECR Forum in London and was very impressed with the management and delivery of the event along with the great location and quality of speakers and delegates. WorldECR has everything I am looking for as part of my Continuing Professional Development and need to keep up with current events, not least with regards to sanctions, mergers, acquisitions, internal compliance risks and export licence restrictions due to geo-political risks. I would highly recommend WorldECR to anyone working in the Trade Compliance/Export Control profession.”