us-sanctions 11 October 2017

US revokes Sudan sanctions

The United States government is to revoke sanctions imposed upon Sudan and its government as of 12 October, US State Department spokesperson Heather Nauert announced on 6 October.

The sanctions are being revoked ‘in recognition of the Government of Sudan’s sustained positive actions to maintain a cessation of hostilities in conflict areas in Sudan, improve humanitarian access throughout Sudan, and maintain cooperation with the United States on addressing regional conflicts and the threat of terrorism.’

The US State Department said: ‘The Government of Sudan’s actions during the last nine months show that it is serious about cooperating with the United States and has taken significant steps to stop conflict and improve humanitarian access within Sudan, and to promote regional stability. However, much more progress is needed to fully and sustainably achieve peace in Sudan and to cooperate with the United States on a range of Administration priorities, including further expanding humanitarian access, improving the Government of Sudan’s human rights and religious freedom practices, and ensuring that the Government of Sudan is committed to the full implementation of UN Security Council resolutions on North Korea.’

It went on to say: ‘The United States will continue efforts to improve bilateral relations with Sudan. Any further normalization of ties will require continued progress by the Government of Sudan. Furthermore, the United States is prepared to use additional tools to apply pressure if the Government of Sudan regresses on progress to date in the five areas noted above or takes negative actions on other areas of concern.’

The revocation is in line with the schedule established by EO 13761 which set forth criteria ‘for the revocation of certain sanctions on Sudan and the government of Sudan’.