BIS seeks comments on CCL categories

February, 2018

‘Energetic Materials, Armored and Protective ‘‘Equipment’’ and Military Electronics’ – comments, please.

BIS seeks comments on CCL categories

The US Bureau of Industry and Security (‘BIS’) is seeking public comments on controls on ‘Energetic Materials, Armored and Protective ‘‘Equipment’’ and Military Electronics’.

BIS says it is ‘seeking public comments to perform a complementary review of energetic materials, armored and protective ‘‘equipment’’ and military electronics and related items therefor, on the CCL [Commerce Control List], concurrent with the Department of State’s review of the controls implemented in its recent revisions to Categories V, X and XI of the USML [United States Munitions List] (which control explosives and energetic materials, propellants, incendiary agents and their constituents, personal protective equipment, and military electronics), to ensure that the descriptions of these items on the CCL are clear, items for normal commercial use are not inadvertently controlled as military items on the USML, technological developments are accounted for on the control lists, and controls properly implement the national security and foreign policy objectives of the United States.’

Specifically, it says: ‘BIS is soliciting comments on the clarity, usability and any other matters related to implementation of the ‘‘600 series’’ Export Control Classification Numbers (ECCNs) that control the following items, as well as certain items related thereto: energetic materials (ECCNs 1B608, 1C608, 1D608 and 1E608); armored and protective ‘‘equipment’’ (ECCNs 1A613, 1B613, 1D613, 1E613); military electronics (ECCNs 3A611, 3B611, 3D611 and 3E611); and cryogenic and superconducting equipment (ECCNs 9A620, 9B620, 9D620 and 9E620).’


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