anti-boycott 10 June 2021

EAR amended to reflect end of UAE Israel boycott

In a final rule, the US Bureau of Industry and Security (‘BIS’) within the Department of Commerce has amended the Export Administration Regulations (‘EAR’) ‘to reflect the formal termination by the United Arab Emirates (UAE) of its participation in the Arab League Boycott of Israel.’

It says: ‘Specifically, in recognition of the UAE’s August 16, 2020 issuance of Federal Decree-Law No. 4 of 2020, certain requests for information, action or agreement from the UAE, which were presumed to be boycott-related if made prior to August 16, 2020, would not be presumed to be boycott-related if made following that date, and thus would not be prohibited or reportable under the EAR. Accordingly, BIS adds an interpretation to the Restrictive Trade Practices or Boycotts regulations of the EAR, which sets forth BIS’s view that the prohibitions and reporting requirements contained in the EAR’s antiboycott provisions do not apply to such requests from the UAE made after August 16, 2020.’