export-controls 24 April 2019

Export controls to be introduced to Japanese universities

Japan’s Mainichi newspaper reports that the Japanese government ‘is set to formulate guidelines calling on universities in Japan that collaborate with foreign companies for joint research projects to develop legal compliance systems to prevent technology drain.’ The move comes in response to increased US and Chinese regulation of projects where controlled technology is involved.

The newspaper reports that the move is ‘aimed at averting risks of Japanese universities being subject to sanctions by those countries.’

‘It is the first time for the Japanese government to draw up guidelines to control universities over their joint study projects with foreign enterprises,’ says Mainichi adding,

‘Under the guidelines, which the government eyes to put together by this Fall, universities are expected to be urged to take measures such as securing experts to ensure thorough management of research information and results.’

It notes that while companies and Japanese government entities have a developed culture of compliance with the Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Act and other regulations, ‘domestic universities have lacked such integrated systems…Through the upcoming guidelines, the government is seeking to establish a system to strictly control research information and results by having universities comply with the Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Act and other regulations.’