News 06 March 2020

Italy shifts responsibility for export controls and dual-use technologies to Foreign Ministry

Italy is shifting responsibility for export control policies and issuing licences for dual-use technologies from its Ministry of Economic Development to the Munitions Licensing Unit (‘UAMA’) of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Since the beginning of this year, UAMA has ‘issued the authorizations required for the export, transfer, brokering, technical assistance and transit of dual-use items, together with the issuance of authorizations for materials subject to the anti-torture regulation and items listed as a result of EU measures,’ the Ministry of Economic Development said.

It said that, despite the shift, it will still accept requests for authorization for exports of dual-use materials and technologies until 30 June 2020. ‘Following this date, it has not yet been clearly indicated whether the two authorization routes will coexist in parallel, or whether it will all be conveyed to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs,’ the Ministry said, explaining that the change was being made in response to a legislative decree.