export-controls 26 September 2019

Japanese/korean business community urges détente

A meeting of Japanese and Korean business associations has called for dialogue and a resumption of normality between their two nations. The call comes against the backdrop of increased controls on some Japanese exports to Korea.

Korean news agency Hani has reported that at the closing ceremony of the 51st Korea-Japan Business Conference, representatives of cross-border trade associations issued a statement in which they said they ‘strongly desire the development of appropriate measures to open new horizons in South Korea-Japan relations through the encouragement of dialogue between the two governments so that their political and diplomatic relationship does not become a stumbling block to cooperation between companies on both sides.’

The agency reported: ‘Tomoyuki Moriyama, president of Mitsui & Co. Korea, said, “Boycott campaigns by certain local governments and the cancellation of exchange events with Japan have thrown further cold water on relations between the two sides…There needs to be dialogue between the two governments.” Although his message assigned blame to South Korea for “responding emotionally” with its boycotts and other actions, the conclusion calling for intergovernmental dialogue was the same.’

Kim Yoon, president of the Korea-Japan Economic Association and chairman of Samyang Holdings, said, ‘I’d like for the two governments to improve their relationship, whatever that entails,’ Hani reported.