ofsi 09 July 2020

OFSI says designated parties can challenge being listed by UK

The UK’s Office of Financial Sanctions Implementation (‘OFSI’) has said that sanctioned individuals and organisations who believe they have been wrongly designated, or that information about them is wrongly listed, can apply for a change or revocation.

‘If you are a designated person, you, or a person acting on your behalf, have the right to request a revocation or variation of your designation,’ OFSI explains in a notice on its website. ‘You can request a revocation if you believe, for instance, the reasons for your designation are incorrect, or a variation if, for instance, particular information associated with your designation, such as your date of birth, is incorrect,’ it adds. ‘Other reasons for seeking a revocation could include if you believe your designation is inappropriate having regard to the purpose of the regime or the likely significant effects of the designation.’

Interested designated individuals and organisations must fill out a ‘Sanction Challenge Form: Designated Persons,’ which can also be completed by another person if confirmation of authority is provided, and submitted by email or by post to the Commonwealth Office, the OFSI notice says. It adds that they should provide evidence supporting the request, together with a completed Sanction Challenge Form and relevant and necessary evidence supporting the claim.

The request will be reviewed and answered in writing ‘as soon as reasonably practicable.’