licensing 27 May 2021

UK ECJU ‘substantially amends’ information security licences to include China, HK, Macau

The United Kingdom’s Export Control Joint Unit (‘ECJU’) has said that it has ‘substantially amended’ two licences:

•             Open general export licence information security items – from December 2019, and

•             Open general export licence information security items

It said: ‘The purpose of these open general export licences (OGELs) is to allow the export of “low risk” information security items deploying encryption to a wide range of destinations. ‘The OGELs have been amended to include China, Hong Kong and Macao as permitted destinations although this has been balanced by a reduced list of permitted items.

‘All items specified in Schedule 1 of the new licence must only use:

  • standard encryption algorithms that have been approved or adopted by recognised international standards bodies (examples: 3GPP, ETSI, GSMA, IEEE, IETF, ISO, ITU, TIA)
  • any cryptographic functionality used by the item cannot be easily changed by the user

‘Items in schedule 1 must not have an open cryptographic interface. In addition, the requirements for pre-export reporting, that must be completed prior to the first export of each item, and additional technical data reporting have been simplified.’