UK sees launch of export control professional association

May, 2019

Association will seek to ‘enable and promote excellence in compliance with export and import control, and trade regulations’.

UK sees launch of export control professional association

The United Kingdom is to have – for the first time – a professional association for those involved in export and import control and trade sanctions compliance. The association, to be called the Export Control Profession, will be formally launched on 30 May and run as part of the Institute of Export and International Trade, with the support of the Export Control Joint Unit (‘ECJU’) of the Department for International Trade.

Leadership board members include Claire Harrison in the Department for International Trade, and Roger Arthey, formerly Head of Export Control Compliance at Rolls-Royce plc.

The Profession says it ‘seeks to enable and promote excellence in compliance with export and import control, and trade regulations. Its membership body will represent Export Control Professionals and provide them with essential resources, professional points of contact and learning support.’

It says that members will benefit from being able to

  • ‘Obtain professional recognition of their knowledge and competence through designatory letters, which will only be accredited to those with sufficient experience and qualifications;
  • Gain professional and career development through a combination of qualifications and a Continuous Professional Development (CPD) programme; and
  • Enter a support network through which they can connect and share information with other compliance professionals, both home and abroad.’

ECJU head Edward Bell said of the development, ‘Expertise in export control requirements and licensing, across industry, ensures compliance with the law and protects business reputation. I am pleased to see this valuable industry led initiative, to enhance the professionalism of people engaged in export control operations and enable them to build recognition for their expertise.’

Tom Blass, editor of World Export Controls Review, described the announcement as ‘An exciting one. Recognition for those working in the increasingly complex and vital field of export control compliance is long overdue. WorldECR has seen from examples elsewhere how professional bodies, training and accreditation provide important opportunities for sharing best practice and learning. This is, potentially, a game-changer for UK trade compliance professionals.’





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