export-controls 19 February 2020

UK tightens up export records inspections

UK exporters of controlled goods have been informed by the UK’s Department for International Trade (‘DIT’) that the Export Control Joint Unit (‘ECJU’) has amended its records inspection process.

The change – effective immediately – relates to the use of open licences and electronic standard individual export licences (‘SIELS’).

Due to ‘problems we have experienced trying to arrange on-site inspections at businesses,’ which ‘have caused an unacceptable reduction in the total number of inspections we have been able to carry out,’ the ECJU will now give each business an exact date for records inspection, the DIT said.

This means the ECJU will no longer offer alternative dates, the DIT said, but will still ‘try to give businesses between four and six weeks’ notice’ before an inspection.

The ECJU retains the authority to enter a property ‘at any reasonable hour’ to inspect records and ‘will continue to exercise this authority as necessary’, the DIT added.

See: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/notice-to-exporters-202004-changes-to-inspection-procedures/notice-to-exporters-202004-changes-to-inspection-procedures