News 03 January 2018

UK updates financial sanctions list

On 3 January, the UK Office of Financial Sanctions Implementation (‘OFSI’) updated the list of those that are subject to financial sanctions in the United Kingdom. OFSI says: ‘The list provides information to help you decide whether you are dealing with someone who is subject to sanctions. It lists:

  • Full name
  • Any known aliases
  • Honorary, professional or religious titles
  • Date of birth
  • Place of birth
  • Nationality
  • Passport details
  • National identification numbers (e.g., ID cards, Social Security Numbers, etc.)
  • Address
  • Any additional information that may be useful (e.g., nicknames, details of family, etc.)
  • Title of the financial sanctions regime under which the designated person is listed
  • The date when the designated person was added to the list by HM Treasury
  • When the information regarding the designated person/entity was last updated by HM Treasury
  • A unique ID reference number relating to the designated person/entity.’