Israel’s export controls: what you need to know

11 March 2020 Price: £99.00
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In this 40-minute webinar, Gil Rosen, a partner with Joseph Shem Tov & Co, presents on key elements of the Israeli export control regime, walking participants through recent developments and tools. By the end of the session, viewers will have a clear understanding of the following:

• The Israeli export control system for military and dual use goods;

• Israel’s approach to international treaties and how this influences its export control regime;

• The country’s dual licencing system (for marketing as well as export controls);

• When marketing licences are required, what the exemptions are, and how this impacts how Israeli exporters approach their marketing efforts;

• When export licences are required and what the export licence exemptions are;

• Which documents and undertakings are required from the foreign parties to a transaction; and

• The consequences of non-compliance with undertakings by a foreign recipient.

Gil Rosen is a partner with Joseph Shem Tov & Co specialising in corporate and commercial law, particularly with respect to cross-border transactions. Gil represents private and publicly traded companies, Israeli companies and foreign companies in a wide range of corporate and commercial matters in hi-tech, industry, services, defence and homeland security and various other sectors. Gil’s work includes setting up companies, corporate investments and financing, corporate governance and director and shareholder relations, joint ventures, manufacturing, sale, supply, licensing, agency, distribution and many other forms of complex commercial transactions.

Gil has particularly unique niche expertise in the defence and homeland security sectors and advises businesses on regulatory matters such as export controls of military and dual use goods, sales to ministry and departments of defense of governments around the world. Gil also advises Israeli companies on the rules, limitations and possibilities for participating in sales to the Israeli Ministry of Defense that are funded by the US Foreign Military Sales (FMS) and Foreign Military Finance (FMF) programmes.