Trade Automation: Maximizing Tomorrow’s Technologies Today

6 October 2020 Price: £99.00
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Historically, global trade automation has aimed to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of trade compliance processes through the implementation of software solutions and tools. In today’s market, global trade leaders are seeking to take advantage of the overall push to digitization and use the opportunity to enhance their trade compliance programs. We are seeing these initiatives evolve beyond the traditional implementation of global trade management software solutions and focus on the application of new and innovative technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence (‘AI’) and Robotic Process Automation (‘RPA’). 

This joint Export Compliance Manager/Deloitte webinar covers opportunities to leverage innovative technology solutions and the key components of an effective business case which highlights compliance risk reduction and benefits that resonate with key stakeholders to support the decision to pursue the solution.

What’s covered:

  •  Key Challenges and key trends in trade automation and technology enablement
  •  Selecting the right solution based on your global trade needs
  •  Potential Risks and Benefits for trade compliance technology enablement
  •  Stakeholder engagement
  • Q&A


  • Julia Bell is a Director at Deloitte within the Global Export Controls & Sanctions practice in the UK
  • Clementina Dioguardi Lopez is a Manager in Deloitte’s Global Trade Advisory practice in the US
  • Kara Vogelbacker is a Manager in Deloitte’s Global Trade Advisory practice in the US

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