Managing China Trade: Practical Export Compliance Tips and Strategies for Addressing Increased Risk

7 October 2020 Price: £99.00
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US regulations for exporting goods and technology to China are changing rapidly, requiring many compliance professionals to overhaul their programs on an accelerated timeframe. This means developing and integrating new processes and procedures across an enterprise while training compliance and business teams on how to execute them properly. Many export compliance professionals are finding this to be a heavy lift while also managing day-to-day activities.

Practical guidance and tips for managing risk

In this joint Export Compliance Manager/KPMG webinar, KPMG Global Export Controls and Sanctions Principals Steven Brotherton and Amie Ahanchian discuss the changes to China end-use/user requirements and restrictions around Huawei, as well as facilitating enhanced compliance procedures enterprise wide. This includes suggestions around how to develop and roll-out new procedures in a business-friendly way, as well as common challenges companies face.

Steve and Amie give their insights on developing an agile export compliance program that can easily pivot to accommodate the recent changes, as well as any that may be on the horizon. 


Steven Brotherton is the Principal, Global Export Controls & Sanctions Lead at KPMG LLP based in San Francisco.

Amie Ahanchian is a Principal in the Trade and Customs Practice for KPMG LLP based in Washington, DC.

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