Navigating EU military export controls: a way through the minefield

16 September 2020 Price: £99.00
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A must-attend webinar for exporters of defence and controlled goods and technology

The issue: Navigating EU and individual Member States’ legislation can be confusing. EU Member States possess considerable latitude to take their own decisions on whether to permit certain exports, depending on their own internal foreign policies and interests. The famed lack of a ‘level playing field’ is especially relevant to exports of defence goods from the EU.
The regulation: Council Common Position 2008/944/CFSP of 8 December 2008 defines common rules governing exports of military equipment and technology, and how EU Member States should assess and process licensing applications. It includes key criteria, definitions and basic responsibilities. In late 2019, this position was updated – leading to new uncertainties as to its interpretation.
The helpmate: In this webinar, presenters Sebastiaan Bennink and Yvo Amar of specialist trade law firm BenninkAmar will help clear up some of the uncertainty as they outline:
• The key features of the EU military export control regime
• Respective competences of the Commission and individual Member States
• Key areas of divergence (and tension) in policy and practice in Europe
• Interpretation of new guidance on the Common Position
The duration of the webinar will be ca one hour (40 minutes plus 15 minutes for questions).
Who should attend: any professional active in the export of military/defence goods and technology, brokers, producers of controlled dual-use items and technology, government regulators, investors in European defence industries, legal professionals, freight and courier organisations.

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