News 06 February 2020

DSCA publishes memorandum on end-use monitoring

The US Defense Security Cooperation Agency (‘DSCA’) has published a memorandum on enhanced end-use monitoring (‘EEUM’) procedures:

‘This memorandum updates Enhanced End-Use Monitoring (EEUM) procedures described in Chapter 8 of the Security Assistance Management Manual (SAMM). Currently, there is no way to identify or track EEUM defense articles considered “Case-Unique”.

‘Enhanced Case-Unique articles are items not generally treated as EEUM but are designated as EEUM for specific Foreign Military Sales (FMS) exports. To minimize the risk of unauthorized transfer and increase accountability for identifying exports of items that have been designated to require EEUM, DSCA is implementing a new mechanism for identifying and tracking Enhanced Case-Unique defense articles using the Defense Security Assistance Management System (DSAMS). Effective January 31, 2020, Military Articles and Service Lists (MASLs) including a Routine end use monitoring designation may be updated to reflect Enhanced monitoring designation for specific FMS exports, when appropriate. Implementing Agencies (IA) should use these “Case-Unique” version of the MASL when developing Letters of Offer and Acceptance (LO As) for which case-unique enhanced monitoring will apply.’

The memorandum, intended for directors of relevant defence agencies, is available at: